Pitch Meeting Prep

We are officially on our way! This coming Friday, we’re hosting a “pitch meeting” where all the groups will come together and pitch their ideas to one another, and today was our day for brainstorming.

We’ve decided to treat our groups like little start-up companies – teams are pitching ideas to each other, but they’re also looking to recruit other team members by selling themselves as a package. For the  meeting, the students have three options for how to enter:

pitch groups

Most groups have entered themselves in the “complete” category, but I do have a couple of “incompletes” floating around out there – they’re planning to steal team members away by offering a more exciting idea or medium.

In addition to the 30-second pitch, they’ll also be evaluating each other. Each type of group has its own questions to answer, but there’s also a presentation element:

eval sheet

Each category is worth 10 points, and the highest overall score will earn a project privilege for that group (an idea I’m borrowing from gamification). We’ve floated some ideas, like deciding on the date of their blog takeover, or a veto power in rubric development. We are, as yet, undecided.

What I’m most excited about is the conversations I heard students having today – I eavesdropped before conferencing, and their ideas are really exciting ones. They run the gamut from advocacy issues (one pair of girls is interested in telling a story about the life of a shelter dog), societal issues (the trouble with beauty standards, and a very interesting angle on an environmental story – I don’t want to spoil anything, but guys – this is going to be a GOOD one!), and some really fun stuff (get ready for prom-posals and memes!). You can check out the pitch meeting sheet and a sample evaluation sheet as well – I’d love some feedback! 

They’re finding their voices! They’re finding their stories! They’re finding their mediums!

Internet, I hope you’re ready!

Until next time,

Mrs. K


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