Welcoming Sunz! #StudentSpotlight

Please welcome our very first student-bloggers, Susie & Hyeyoon! As promised, I’ll let them take it from here…

A Sunz Story

Hi, we are Sunz, which is a combination of our names: Susie and Hyeyoon. We named our shared Instagram account @a_sunz_story. We are discussing a true friendship.

First, we decided to put the sun as the symbolic terms for the change of time. Dawn represents when we did not know each other, in other words, our background stories, which are very unique between us. Noon represents when we were not very close to each other, because at first we had prejudice towards each other and it took time for us to get closer. Sunset represents our relationship now, when we are able to tell each other deep thoughts and share what are truly in our hearts.  

Social media is very powerful; it can make a certain thing or person go viral. Just like that, we hope to inspire many viewers on our perception of what a friendship truly means. We chose Instagram because of its popularity and what an innovative program it is. Not only does Instagram allow us to present our personal lives in words, we also have the access to images. Because most of the teens in America are using Instagram as one of their main social media outlets, we have a huge group of audience. Furthermore, that group of people, who are most likely to all have friends, will able to relate to our story. There were many ideas floating in our heads that seemed wonderful, but sometime
s they did not work out in a way that we wanted. We are learning that it’s sunz blogvery hard to grab people’s attention merely through pictures and words.

Everyone is different, and everyone will have at least one conflict with his or her friends. So did we, and it took us a long time to start building the relationship, and even when we started we had troubles; however, we believe that that is part of a true friendship. Overcoming conflict makes a relationship stronger.


Thinking about the memories we have made us very amazed at our friendship. It’s very hard to meet someone you can trust to tell your biggest secrets. The fact that we built that trust in a relatively short period of time was a first for both of us. We also learned that it’s very hard to tell a well-developed eye catching story.

We have just uploaded the differences between us. On our last post we showed that although people stereotypically think that we are alike because we are both Korean girls, we are two very different individuals. Our next story is going to be about how our difference interfered our relationship and what we thought of each other at first. Come and see how we judged each other at first, and how the misunderstandings got resolved. Follow us at @a_sunz_story on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr!

So, there they are!

These lovely ladies volunteered to post first, and in addition to being so proud of them, I’m so excited that they’ve gotten to share their voices with you! Be sure to check back on Friday when you’ll hear from TWO more groups about what they’re up to!

Until next time,

Mrs. K


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