#StudentSpolight: Animal Edition!

Ladies and gentlemen, today was a good day! I say good, but really I mean great, because in addition to two really great blogs to share with you (featured below), we also had two major breakthroughs:

  1. HS Promposal – Nina & Andy, whose project features different couples’ promposals, have been tirelessly promoting around school and on Tumblr. They very wisely decided that, for their project and audience, Tumblr would be the idea medium. Right they were, because today they got a video submitted to their email (hspromposal@gmail.com) from A TOTAL STRANGER! You know what that means? THEY DID THE THING! They told a story, and people listened, and now they’re participating. I’m so proud.
  2. Students of Cresskill – These guys were featured in our first spotlight, and their method of storytelling, specifically in the way that it values and honors the high school experience, has reached so many students that now they’re fielding requests to be featured on their page! REQUESTS! I’m insanely excited for them.

Alright, now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Lizard Wizard Racing Championship

Since the lizards are the stars of this video we decided to let them write their thoughts and opinions and how this experience has changed their life. We let them loose on the keyboard, and this is what happened:

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We then realized that was a terrible idea since lizards can’t type, so we scrapped that idea and started anew. So we are Evan Carroll, Mike Eng, and Phillip Raspe: three high school seniors who have nothing better to do with their lives than play with lizards (just kidding,  we’ve had a very difficult time scheduling times to film and get together). Our original idea was to do something about beatboxing and electronic music, since Mike is into that sort of stuff, but later realized it was too hard to make a story to go along with it. We were then brainstorming new ideas, and something that came up was slug racing, but slugs are lethargic and boring so we thought, “what is just as small but more energetic and exciting?” We decided on lizards, and thus the Lizard Wizard Racing Championship was born. We then decided the best way to tell this story was by recording the lizards and their races and posting it on youtube, because any other form of media without  continuous video would be boring for a race.

lizard blog

For the project:  Social media is pretty important because that is the purpose of the project and without it we would just be three losers taking videos of lizards.

Phil:  Social Media has absolutely no bearing on my life, and aside from using Facebook, Steam, and Google Plus for communication, I don’t use any other form of social media.  

Mike: Social media is very important in my life, because it keeps me updated with what is going on in the community, and amongst my friends. It also helps me learn more about other people and vice versa.

Evan: Social media has a larger grasp on my day to day life than both Phil and Mike combined. I have a Facebook, Steam, Instagram, Google Plus, Snapchat, Tumblr, and a Youtube. All of these I use almost daily and although I may not always post things on them, I am almost always lurking on them. So whenever I am bored or decide to procrastinate doing something I will probably be on one of these social media platforms. As you can tell, social media has more importance in my life due to the seemingly pointless nature of it.

We have learned that taking care of lizards is a lot of work and the day we bought them we weren’t really prepared, needing to get a new tank, a new light and a humidifier to make them comfortable, but we were able to manage with what we had until we could procure the necessary replacements. Also, we learned how difficult it is to make a weekly story with three people, three entirely different schedules and camera equipment that isn’t always available. In our next installment will be the first actual race between the lizards, our first installment was a bit of a hype trailer video, so this week we will actually start the tournament and have the beginning of our plot.

Pet Shelter Stories – on Instagram @PShelterStories

Good Morning, fellow followers of TheStoryProject Blog. Our names are Lauren Orta, Dania Rochdi and Hayden Swan. We are currently Seniors at CHS and are working very diligently on bringing awareness about animal shelter/ adoption centers and telling stories of those who have adopted animals. We post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook weekly with updates on our progress with this project.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters nationwide every single year. 2.7 million are euthanized, which is one of the reasons why we started this blog. Not only to help bring attention to the euthanasia problem, but also to share information on the owners and workers in the industry. People who work everyday to provide for animals, spread awareness, or foster shelter dogs should be respected. It’s tough and has a lot of requirements, which is why we look up to such people. People who adopt animals are also important because not only did they help save an animal from certain death, but gave it a new happy life to live.

dog blog

Many ask why would we choose this topic when so many people are already working to spread such awareness. Our blog is different because we are high school students, students who took the time out of our lives to help to give a new and interesting perspective on animal shelters, adoption and awareness. We are ultimately preparing for a future ahead, but took the time to tell these stories.

We took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram because social media is paving the new ways in terms of learning and content. Social media has thousands of people log in each day who could potentially see our blog and be affected. We all know how important pets are; they help to improve our mood through comfort and help to form an unbreakable bond. Through this experience we have learned the difficulties that are faced in shelters, the different effects pets have on their owners, the thoughts of those who work with animals and, most importantly, the stories. Millions of animals around the world have their own stories, they just needs to be told.

There you have it, friends! Week one of student blogs down, three weeks to go. There’s so much more great stuff to see and so many more great stories to hear…

Until next time,

Mrs. K


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