#StudentSpotlight: Humans of Bergen County

Here’s what I love about today’s Student Spotlight group – they’re keeping things light! They’ve taken the form popularized by Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York and putting a fun, silly twist on it. We start the year by studying comedy, and so their decision to create something spoof-y and satirical feels really appropriate and fresh. Check them out below!

Humans of Bergen County is a four person team that takes pictures of people from the area and makes jokes and funny captions about them. Our team is Daniel Bronstein, Ryan Nolan, Thomas McDermott, and Sean Choi. Our goal is to portray the differences of unique people in Bergen County. Viewers can expect diversity and different types of people, other than students.

Social media is vital to our project since we are posting to Instagram weekly and it’s vital to our lives because that’s what we look at everyday. We choose Instagram because it’s easy to use and also easy to access. Our group wanted to use Instagram because it worked the best and also had the best chance of getting the most followers, likes and views on our posts. During the process, our group has learned to work together and also work with other students outside the classroom in order to take pictures and come up with funny but yet creative captions. The role of social media in our project is all about sharing.

hobc blogWhen people think New Jersey, they usually think about the Jersey Shore, and bagels. We are showing the world that New Jersey is much more than that. We are sharing to the world how diverse and special Bergen County really is. From this experience, we’ve learned that no matter where you go, you’re going to meet unique and diverse people from all walks of life. We’ve learned that each person has something that them “them” and have something no one else has. This helps us with our storytelling and opens many doors for opportunities. For example, we used a quote from a kid’s favorite video game as his caption. In the coming weeks we will probably use slogans that relate the students in the pictures; even if it’s video games, captions regarding college or just a quote that they say a lot. Our main goal is to connect the pictures with the captions in order to capture the attention of our viewers.

Well, there they are! I love that they’re being fun, while also sharing a sincere message. We’ve got some really great stuff in the works for our Friday installments, so be sure to check back!

Until next time,

Mrs. K


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